“We could of had it all / Rollin’ in the deep…”

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I left my bloody runners in a hotel room in Vienna.

They weren’t especially special – black Nike Frees I’d bought for about sixty bucks at a shoe warehouse on Sunset Boulevard in LA – but it was annoying to have to pay to replace something due to my own forgetfulness.

Shoes are such a critical part of any trip; bring the wrong ones and you curse yourself to hours of sore feet or a lack of style options. Bring too many and they clog up your suitcase unnecessarily. After years of making terrible choices I’ve generally narrowed it down to a selection of pairs: black runners, white Converse, tan leather sandals and black Havianas thongs. If I’m going somewhere cold I’ll add boots, if it’s warm then a ballet flat. But those five pairs are pretty much it and while they serve me well, to lose one put me at a definite disadvantage.

Especially those runners, which are my saviours on 14 hour days walking across unexplored cities.

However I’m almost embarrassed to say how spectacularly late I have been to the Rollie game. I only bought my first pair less than a month ago after sitting at home scrolling through Boxing Day sales online. And it’s a damn shame because they would have been the perfect shoes to have in my travel wardrobe when I left those runners behind.

I actually hadn’t tried on any pairs of Rollies before purchasing them and my experience with them was limited to glowing reviews from mates and Instagram photos. I ordered a pair of the oxfords in a pale pink perforated leather with side cut-outs. They were simple but with just enough quirkiness and I thought I could just as easily wear them to work or on weekends.

When they arrived, I was amazed at how soft the leather was. Seriously. I made a friend touch it when we were out at dinner. It is super supple and so I knew I was going to be able to wear the shoes straight up without any worries about blisters. The second thing I noticed is that they’re incredibly light – even though they are a fairly substantial shoe, they feel like next to nothing on. The sole is a really light rubber that’s still thick enough to give you some cushioning.

The one point I would make is that they’re not especially cheap – my pair set me back AUD$135, even on sale.

I deeply regret waiting so long to get on board the Rollie bandwagon as they would have been the perfect shoe for my recent three-month trip across Europe. They look smart and stylish but they’re also exceptionally comfortable, so I wouldn’t have sacrificed form for fashion.I reckon I’m going to get a lot of wear out of them in the coming months and trips.

As long as I don’t leave them in a bloody hotel room.

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