“It’s only an imaginary vigil that we keep…”

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I knew the second I touched it that I’d lost it.

It bounced, almost in slow motion, while I looked on horrified. Then it shattered on the tiled floor in a way that left me with absolutely no doubt that it was completely unrecoverable.

With a mixture of disappointment and disgust I picked up as many pieces of the broken blue glass as possible and threw them in the bin.

As something of a beauty junkie, one of the great joys of travel is getting to access all these amazing products around the world. I love walking into random pharmacies and stores and pulling bottles of skin care or unfamiliar lipsticks off shelves and debating a purchase. I love spraying, swatching and sampling everything and anything, even when I can’t understand a single word on the label. Some of my most favourite travel moments have been in American drugstores, French pharmacies and Japanese beauty stores.

The item in question here was a glass vial of facial serum I’d bought in France earlier on my trip. I’d tested it maybe half a dozen times in different places, wondering at the silkiness of the product on the skin on the back of my hand, before finally succumbing and handing over my Euros. Now after only a couple of uses it had met an untimely end on the floor of a hostel bathroom in Reykjavik.

The regret was real.

Another great regret of that trip was not buying the larger size of this incredible Erborian CC Creme. I’m kicking myself because I’ve used it before and loved it, so when I saw it in the Monoprix in Nice I couldn’t resist picking up a tube. Only I stupidly bought the 15ml one and now – of course – it’s not available to buy anywhere in Australia. Idiot.

For as much effort as I put in with my skincare routine, I need a foundation/tinted moisteriser/BB or CC to even everything out. I like a light to medium coverage so you can still see my skin underneath, it just looks a little better. The Erborian one is the type that looks white when you squeeze it out then “magically” adjusts to your skin tone as you rub it on. I use the lightest shade ‘Clair’ although I would probably describe my skin as being light to medium, and I like to add a little dollop of liquid bronzer given it’s currently summer here in Australia. The thing I like best about the Erborian CC Creme is that it gives your skin a kind of moist, dewy glow without any shimmer, like you’re utterly healthy and fresh. And it also has a decent SPF component, making it ideal for the Australian weather.

I just look 100 times better with it on.

For now I’m rationing out my tiny tube until I can stock up at Sephora in the US in a couple of weeks. Erborian is a Korean brand but for some reason it’s really widely available and super cheap in France compared to anywhere else, so I’m also kind regretting not getting a few more things.

Guess I’ll just have to make plans for a return trip…

PS The book I have photographed the product on is one I’ve just finished reading and loving. It’s called ‘Worn in New York’ by Emily Spivack and contains short essays about pieces of clothing beloved of a diverse range of New York residents. Not all are famous or well known and I loved seeing what they picked and the story behind it. If you have any kind of intersecting interest in style and travel, then it’s well worth getting hold of a copy.

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